I have long pictured a world where everyone with hearing loss has access to the tools and resources they need. Through ongoing global efforts of Starkey Hearing Foundation, I feel we are on the path to making that world a reality. Each year in March, the World Health Organization celebrates World Hearing Day to promote hearing care across the globe, as well as bring awareness to treating and preventing hearing loss. The theme this year is ‘Hearing For Life; don’t let hearing loss limit you.’ It inspires me to reflect on how hearing at each stage of life is vital to our learning, relationships with loved ones, and overall health and wellbeing. I believe hearing is essential to human connection, and it’s very important we continue to bring global awareness to hearing health.

Research has shown untreated hearing loss can lead to major health complications later in life, including an increased risk for dementia. Both education about hearing health and access to treatment options are vital to any community’s ability to care for those with hearing loss. However, there are many communities around the world where those with hearing loss lack access to basic hearing healthcare. World Hearing Day highlights these needs globally and brings awareness to the value of hearing health screenings and hearing loss prevention.

To date, Starkey Hearing Foundation has provided hearing health services in over 100 countries. When Starkey Hearing Foundation arrives in any country for a hearing mission, our team is always energized to be reaching the communities and individuals who need us most. There are countless miracles that occur when people are shown they are cared for and are able to experience hearing clearly for the first time in their lives. It’s obvious in those moments how impactful hearing aids can be for an individual. For some, it may be their first time experiencing sound in the world around them. For others, they may be in need of the AfterCare services we provide to ensure their hearing aids continue to perform long after the initial screening and fitting. We never think of our services as a handout. Rather, it’s a hand up to those who cannot access the care they need. When we meet these individuals, we are making a commitment to support their hearing healthcare needs. We are dedicated to continuing our mission of giving the gift of hearing to those in need.

Don’t ever let hearing loss limit you or prevent you from taking the steps to control your hearing health. On World Hearing Day, and each day, it’s important to remember how our hearing health can affect our wellbeing. You only have one life to live, and each person deserves to experience it to the best of their abilities. I’m grateful Starkey Hearing Foundation can have a helping hand in allowing people to reconnect to the things and people they love.