We often talk about The Starkey Way and ensuring everything we do ties back to our vision, our purpose and our mission with caring at the center.

From the beginning of my career in this industry, I knew something was missing. It all started with the vision that I wanted Starkey to lead the world in hearing health care. We’ve always emphasized the patient experience as the most important piece of our work, from establishing the industry’s first risk-free, 90-day return policy in the 1970s to creating customized hearing devices. Hearing aids must work for the patient and integrate into their everyday life, or we haven’t done our job.

To further our vision of leading the world in hearing health, we’ve introduced the industry’s first Chief Health Officer and created the first hearing devices with artificial intelligence and integrated sensors that can track physical activity and alert loved ones if a user has fallen.

Our mission at Starkey is to serve our customers better than anyone else. It’s why we go to work, and it’s what we dedicate ourselves to each day. The hearing professional is the connection between our products and the patient, ensuring every hearing aid is optimally personalized. We strive to build a community of trust and dependability because we know hearing professionals are the frontline support for people with hearing loss.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we released more telehealth capabilities for all levels of hearing aids when health care clinics had to shut their doors, created Mask Mode to assist people with hearing loss who were struggling to communicate during this new normal, partnered in manufacturing PPE and supported our customers with education about PPP loans and how to care for their patients safely. While it was an unnerving time in the world, we recommitted to our mission of putting the customer, and thus the patient, first, no matter what that looked like.

At Starkey, our purpose and our reason for being is to build caring products that connect people through better hearing. We use the motto “Hear Better. Live Better” because we believe treating hearing loss can help people truly live better, more fulfilling lives. Our hearing is what can connect us to our communities, family and loved ones. That’s the power in what we do; better hearing makes an immediate and lasting impact.

When I began my career in the hearing industry more than 60 years ago, I could only dream of achieving half of what we’ve been able to do. As a company, our values are what have always driven the Starkey Family to innovate and advocate for the patient and for our customers because we care, and we’re just getting started.