It has always been my philosophy that alone we can’t do much, together we can change the world. In 1984, Tani Austin and I founded Starkey Hearing Foundation with the mission to give the gift of hearing to people around the world and, in turn, empower them to achieve their full potential. Providing people with hearing loss the opportunity to connect back to their worlds and their loved ones is a privilege.

While the foundation has suspended missions due to COVID-19, I’ve had time to reflect on the enormous impact Starkey Hearing Foundation has already had through the work of many hearing professionals, partners, donors, community leaders and volunteers in countries across the globe over the past 36 years.

Giving one person in one country the gift of hearing may seem small, but it can change that person’s entire future. One small act of kindness can have a compounding effect on our entire world. In collaboration with governments, non-government organizations and health leaders around the globe, Starkey Hearing Foundation has been able to do this thousands of times over by providing hearing healthcare services in more than 100 countries. I am grateful we’ve had a hand in creating this global circle of caring that will continue to have an impact on so many lives for decades to come.

None of the work accomplished through Starkey Hearing Foundation has been possible without the dedication and support of thousands of supporters, volunteers and staff. Together, we have been able to touch countless lives over the last three decades and empower entire communities to make hearing health a priority.

I have always had a simple dream, “So The World May Hear,” of helping others hear by providing them the gift of hearing. Our hearing is what connects us to each other, and I knew the greatest impact I could have in my life was to provide the tools and resources for people with hearing loss to feel connected again. Showing compassion is contagious, and it continues to be my life’s honor to be on this mission with so many kind-hearted and caring individuals.