We each have the power to make an individual impact, but you need a team to change the world. Innovative technology and compassion as our driving force have allowed Starkey’s global teams to keep people connected, even during the pandemic, support our industry in new ways and continue advancing hearing aid technology that is changing lives each and every day.

Building a team of passionate, dedicated people has led Starkey to have a worldwide presence in the hearing healthcare industry. From Australia to Norway, we have teams serving in more than 26 countries, and we are helping people hear better and live better in more than 100 markets across the world. Through our international teams, we are able to touch more lives and reach more individuals with hearing loss than I could have ever imagined when I established this business many years ago.

The Starkey Family recently helped me celebrate a milestone of 60 years in the hearing health industry. It was a great honor and a time of gratitude and reflection for me. But there are many other milestones worthy of recognition in our global network.

This year, our Starkey Germany team is celebrating 40 years in the hearing industry. One of our first international offices, our Hamburg-based team has allowed us to reach countless people with hearing loss who have now been given the resources necessary for their individual hearing journey. Their commitment to serving our industry has only strengthened over the past four decades.

In September, Starkey France also marked 40 years of serving our customers better than anyone else. Their partnership has continued to increase our ability to reach those with hearing loss who need our help most.

For 35 years now, Starkey Italy has helped us provide the gift of hearing and supported hearing professionals to care for patients in their local communities better than anyone else. I am proud of the way their team has grown and look forward to continued growth!

In 2021, Starkey China and Starkey Korea both marked a quarter-century of supporting our industry and the Starkey family. 25 years is a long time, and I’m grateful for the partnership we have built to be able to bring Starkey’s cutting-edge technology to more individuals with hearing loss across the world.

As Starkey Mexico celebrated 20 years in business this summer, it reassures me that when you have a passionate team, there is no limit to the number of people you can serve and the number of lives you can touch.

When Starkey launched a revolutionary hearing aid called Livio AI in 2018, I recall visiting with several of our teams around the world. I have many great memories from this experience visiting with the people who help us share our mission with the rest of the world.

The admiration I have for our international teams that have dedicated themselves to our shared mission for the past several decades, especially during the pandemic this past year, is unmeasured. As we continue pushing the boundaries for those with hearing loss through new hearing aid technology, I’m invigorated that the work we are doing from our global headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minnesota is impacting the entire world and helping connect people with loved ones.

It is surreal to watch these teams grow, evolve and continue to reach milestones that were only a dream I had when beginning my work in this industry. We are all one team. We work together because I have always believed that alone you can’t do much. Together, we can change the world.